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[December 4th, 2011]
soms champagne, soms dansen, soms lichtjes, soms drankjes, soms flitsen, soms new york, soms parijs, soms puur, soms met ijs, soms shows, soms aandacht, soms weekend vanaf maandag, soms balen, soms huilen, soms liever niet naar buiten, soms bang zijn voor later, soms crisis, soms verdriet, soms eventjes niet, soms een dip, soms gezeik, soms op straat, soms snuiven, soms omkijken, soms bekhouden, doorbijten, soms flippen,

soms helemaal niks.
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[July 21st, 2011]
wie is er nog meer op tumblr? :)
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[February 18th, 2011]
yaaay-ah. ik ben ook nog steeds hier bitche.z
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[February 28th, 2010]
most of my posts are friends only , so if you want to read them all comment to be added.
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and abuse [May 26th, 2009]

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[April 29th, 2009]
just got back from italy on monday, i was visiting houses for 8 days for work. went to umbria en tuscany. was great (good food!) but exhausting as well. started working yesterday, and tomorrow morning i'm driving to berlin again to go to the mayday festival. hopefully enjoy the good weather a bit and do some shopping as well. will be back on sunday. busy days, i will try to post some pix later when i have more time.
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[April 13th, 2009]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

what can i say.

[January 5th, 2009]

...un reve Collapse )
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for those who go beyond - for those who go below. [January 5th, 2009]
[ mood | bla. ]

if blood is another
colour of hope
then what is love
what is love?

jut & jul unterwegs [December 10th, 2008]
lately i have been shooting pictures with my analogue camera and b&w films and nothing else. here are some scans of a film. they are from berlin a few weeks ago, and from a stormy day at the beach.

storm on a friday at the beach, and some berlinCollapse )
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[November 15th, 2008]

hello kitty is always having fun at my house!

oh and p and me are driving to berlin tomorrow. cya!
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intocht van sinterklaas [November 15th, 2008]

erwtensoep, kaasbroodje, cola light & sinterklaas

soms is het leven zo simpel :)
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twit [September 9th, 2008]

ik geloof dat dit leuk moet zijn, dus voeg me maar toe.
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[August 23rd, 2008]

in december last year I moved to some place new. I never showed you any pictures! so I guess the time was right to show you some of it. the previous owner painted everything salmon pink, and i'm still busy with removing that (the hallway and stairs are salmonpink paradise or something. if you like it, that is) ;). I just made a few pictures of the things I really like about my house!

from the dining area to the kitchen and balcony

welcomeCollapse )

yesterday evening i went to bed early, but i woke up from real heavy thunder around midnight. i have never been so scared in my life before. it was so hard, and so scary. i start sweating and i didn't want to get out of my bed, then I heard the fire alarm at my neighbours, i thought i was going to die and start hyperventilatin'. I had this before and then I went to the hospital, so I knew i had to get myself calm because there was no one around me this time. luckily the fire alarm was only a few seconds and nothing was going on. it start raining really bad and of course, i thought it was raining into my house :s still I did't want to go out of my bed because I thought I will see it tomorrow morning haha. fuck, when i'm thinking about it i was being a pussy. the thunder and rain went away and i got out of bed and smoked a cigarette and watched animal planet, took a sleeping pill and woke up at 09.00, went to the hairdresser and now my hair is feeling healthy again (y).
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[August 9th, 2008]

how simple pictures can turn out so weird.

141/p @ friesland 01-08-08

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[August 9th, 2008]

something i need.


EDIT : maaike haz it.
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[June 24th, 2008]

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lost and found [June 21st, 2008]

austria '06.

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kodakmoment [May 31st, 2008]

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[February 9th, 2008]

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